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A1 List Judges who have previously been approved to award CC's in the breed and have carried out the appointment, and have the support of the Club.

Non-Breed Specialists
Mrs A. Arch Mr A. Brace Mrs L. Cartledge Mrs C. Coxall
Mrs M. Everton Mrs S. Garner Mr. S. Hall Mr. T. Jones
Mr. F. Kane Miss J. Lanning Mrs. K. Le Mare Mr. J. Luscott
Mr J. McManus Mrs. G. Mogford Mr. S. Pascoe Mr. M. Quinney
Mr P. Radley Mrs F. Somerfield  
Mr. J. Adey Mrs. V. Adey Mrs. G. Barker Mr. G. Birch
Miss B.M. Brookes Mrs. L.Burgess Mrs. G. Burrows Mr. J. Burrows
Mr. D. Butcher Miss V. Chadwick Mr. G. Coldwell Mr. J. Colgan.
Mrs. M. Cox Mr G. Cutts Mrs J. Davie Mrs E. Denham
Mr. W. Dobbin Mr. C. Drury Mr. J. Evans Mrs. K. Farrar
Mr. K. Frost Mr. P. Galvin. Mrs. J. Leicester-Hope Mrs. J. Hammond
Mrs. A. Howell Mrs. W. Lowe Mrs. L. May Mr. R. Meakin
Mrs. A. Merrick Mrs. H. Mitchell Mr. P. Oriani Mrs. J. Oriani
Mrs. J. Parker Mrs. A. Penny Mr. W. Piggott Mrs. M. Pitcher
Mr. H. Richards Mrs. D. Richards Ms. D. Sarson Mrs. C. Russell-Smith
Mrs. A. Springthorpe Mrs. L. Stevenson Mrs. C. Stuckey Mrs. L. Sussams
Mr. M. Sutcliffe Mr. I. Taylor Mrs. N. Taylor Mrs. F. Warren
Mr. W. Winston Mr. R. Vincent Miss J.Yeoward.  
A2 List
Judges who fulfil the requirements for the A3 list and who have been assessed in accordance with the KC requirements and accepted by the KC for inclusion on an A2 list and have the support of the Club.
Mrs. S. Archer  
A3 List
Judges who are recommended by the Club as being suitable to award CC's in the breed but are not yet approved by the KC for inclusion on the A2 list.
Mr. G. Brace Mrs. C. Pugsley Mrs. L. Ratter Mr. A. Sussams
Non-Breed Specialists
Mrs. B. Baxter Miss Hamilton-Jones Mr. P. Jolley Mrs. S. Monaghan
Mr. T. Munro Mrs. S. Pollock-Yule Mrs. L. Ramsing Mr. B. Reynolds-Frost
Mr. G. Rual Mr. I. Sexton Mr. R. Townsend  
B List
Judges who have been approved by the Club to judge at shows without CC's or Open Shows.
Non-Breed Specialists
Mr. K. Baldwin Mr. D. Cavill Mrs. N. Down Mrs. M. Hathaway
Mrs. S. Hewart-Chambers Mr. J. Horswell Mr. K. Jessup Mrs. F. Kaye
Ms. A. A. King Mr. S. Mallard Mr. T. Nagrecha Mr. K. Newhouse
Mr. C. Qantrill Mr. A. Rawson Mr. Richardson Mr. V. Salt
Mr. A. Skedd Miss S. Wardle  
Mr. S. Anderson Mrs. S. Benyon Mr. B. Carr Mr. S. Cheung
Mrs. M. Collins Mrs. J. Cornhill. Mrs S. Gatward Mrs. J. Groves
Mr. R. Hindlet Ms. S. Kingsley Mr. N. Lee Mrs P. Leech
Mrs. S. Lloyd-Denman Mrs. C.Lyall Mr. J. McKay Mrs L Miller
Mrs. M. Munday Mr H Parker Mrs. L. Ratter Mrs. S. Scanlon.
Miss A.Stevenson. Mr. S. Walker Miss J. Watts Mrs C.Wilson
C List
For aspiring judges who do not fall into the above categories.
Non-Breed Specialists
Mr. J. Aitken Johnson Mr. Blunden Mr. R. Bolt Mr. R. Brandon
Ms. K. Brown Mr. B. Croft Miss E.M. Davies Mr. G. Dance
Mr. Eaton-Cruze Mr. P. Embleton Mr. P. Greenway Mr. D. Harding
Mr. P. Harding Miss M. Hodgson Mrs. A.Hutchinson Mrs. G.J. Lilley
Mrs. T. Mason Mrs. D. McCann J. H. Middleton Ms. J. Paradise
Mrs. P. Parry Mr. F. Payne Mr. T. Rewston Mrs J. Rual
Ms. M. Sargent Mr. K. Savage Ms. S. Schmocker Mrs. Shorer-Wheeler
Mr. B. Speed Mrs. D. Stansbury Mrs. S. Tolliday Mr. F. Whitbread
Mr. K. Young  
Mrs. A. Adair Ms. S. Ashdown Mr. A. Batley Mr. D. Bedford
Mr. B. Breach Mr. B. Caldwell Miss E. Coldwell Mrs. N. Davis
Miss S. Deary Mr. B. Filewood Mr. N.Gower Miss J. Hindlett
Mrs. D. Linton Mr. C. Morris Miss S. Warke Mrs. J. Woodhall
Mrs. D. Vincent  

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